Visual Identity
We create simple, functional and distinctive graphic design. We prefer minimalistic solutions mostly. We can design logo, website, business cards and another materials according to your needs.

Posters and Flyers
We can design poster for an exhibition or a concert serie, typeset the program. We like analogue print techniques. We like printed matter, we are using it's wide scale from ofset over copy machine or risograph to print from original print plate – depending on the needs.

Design of books and newspaper
We do layout for book of poetry, novel, handbook, book of fairy tales or periodically published newspaper. We are focusing on illustration, too.

We can create vector illustrations for books or presentation, simple drawings or linocuts..

Exhibition design
We can create spatial and graphical solution for an exhibition. We cooperate with architects, too.

Creating web sites in CMS Drupal
Our web sites are based on excellent open source system Drupal, which is very convenient  option even for very big web solutions. You can look at examples of Drupal web sites on Drupal official site.

Drupal offers:

  • administration section, that makes possible easy adding and editing content
  • WYSIWYG editor - editing your own content in text editor. You don't have to have computer skill and knowledge of HTML code, you can still edit style of font, paragraphs etc.
  • multilingual sites - content of sites as well as user interface can be in any language
  • newsletter - possibility to send emails using mailing lists
  • other functions - web site can include photo gallery, forum, guest list etc. 
  • security - Drupal is one of the most secure Content Management Systems,  testimony to this is the current White House website -

Mobile applications
We program not only web presentations, but also web applications and mobile applications that meet the latest trends in software development. So-called single-page applications (without need for page reloads). ReactJS and AngularJS technologies. We can create reservation systems, order systems, storage systems, data acquisition systems, CRM systems.

Responsive design - web optimalization for mobile devices
Our web sites can adapt their size to the screen of device.

Migration of your current web to Drupal
We offer You migration of your legacy web to new modern shape.
For e-shop we use solution Commerce, which is based on Drupal. There are all important functions for e-shop - catalog of products, customer registration, cart etc.

SEO - search engine optimalization
Our web sites are created for good rating in search engines such as Google.