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Horse and snake

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graphic design:

How does the snake look like, when going down the stairs? Or while dancing can-can with the horse? Are five shoes enough for both? Why could the snake not see his watch? And what happens, when they try to look like one another? Where are they heading? In a houmorous picture book of Klára Zahrádková the (upon first glance) incompatible couple of a horse and a snake come to life in many possible and impossible positions, situations, moments and variations. Absurd game, investigation of contraries, mischief and traps, lyrics and jokes, tenderness and grotesque: the author brings back (in the best way possible) the morgenstern's absurditties, and transforms it into the pictures intelligible to both childern and adults. (Tereza Horváthová)

Published by Xaoxax in cooperation with Baobab. Graphic design by KZ a Juraj Horváth.
Supported by Nadace Miroslava Šaška and MKČR.
Third prize for a Most Beautiful Czech Book 2017 for Author's book category.

Photo by Eliška Perglerová.


Horse and snakeHorse and snakeHorse and snakeHorse and snake
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