Onkubator reminds one

of an old printing press: while it may make a lot of noise, its prints won’t fade for decades. We won’t do superfluous jobs which would bring only short-term financial benefits. Many of our customers are artists, but we do not look down on meaningful commercial projects that aim to enrich the wider society. To this end, we create simple, timeless graphic design, and consider the functionality of display on various digital devices, i.e. responsive design, when it comes to web presentations.

We are honest, distilled from sugar beets. None of us is narrowly focused. The Art section of the website contains some of our non-commissioned works, reflections of the need for transcendence of graphical and web visuality, and playfulness.

Okubator collaborates with many creative professionals with a wide gamut of interests, who not only tolerate, but even like each other. It is only logical that we want to like you, our customers, too. We want to understand your wish, and realize it by combining it with our experiences of many years, and a specific, straightforward graphic design. The word of our reliability and meeting deadlines precedes us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, the people who would like to present their idea for the world to see, discuss, and then incorporate into the living entity that is Internet.